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Writer and Managing Director at The Absorbe

Link to www.theabsorbe.com


Every now and then I write for the international web based magazine The Absorbe. Most of of my articles are about music, people playing music or food. Have a look and maybe you find something of interest.


Visual Jockey

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Since 2013 I have been a VJ for many different events. I think that with many artist performing as a DJ or with digital live shows the visual aspect like VJ and lighting is more important than ever.


A few of the events I have done is:

  • Yellow Lounge at Rockefeller, Oslo
  • Øya Natt at Vulkan Arena, Oslo
  • Søvnlaus at Internasjonalen, Oslo
  • Datarock at Rokken, Volda
  • The Absorbe Event at Hva Skjer!, Oslo




Call me: +47 95942485